Dave Lakhani Saves The Day For Sue Riek in Las Vegas

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Have you ever wondered if the impossible is possible? Did you know that some things that happen in Vegas can be told to the world. Well, here is my impossible Vegas story. Enjoy!

What a great time I had last weekend at the Freedom Factor.com Entrepreneur Training in Las Vegas. Armand Morin and his partners Debra Thompson Roedl and George Callens hosted over 130 internet marketers for three days at Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas. Power packed information and networking were the highlights of the weekend.

On Saturday night, my new friend JoAnn Williams and I went to see the Cirque du Soleil Beatles Love Show at the Mirage. What a spectacular show. We continued the evening at the Venetian for dinner at a canal side restaurant. The dinner was great and when the check came, i opened my purse and was shocked to see that my wallet was GONE. JoAnn was kind enough to pick up the tab for dinner and we took a taxi back to Red Rocks.

It was well after midnight when I went to my room to call my credit card company and cancel the card that was in my wallet. To my surprise, the account had already been cancelled. The Customer Service Rep told me that a man named Dave had called looking for my telephone number to contact me. She gave me Dave’s number and I called immediately. To my surprise, it was Dave Lakhani’s voicemail. I met Dave, BoldApproach.com, last February at the FamilyEbiz.com Expo in San Antonio. Could it be the same Dave I had met earlier in the year that found my wallet?

Dave returned my call. He did find my wallet. He said he must have looked at my photo ID 15 times saying “I know this person.” We talked about the miniscule chance that someone I knew would find my missing wallet. He lives in Boise, Idaho. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. We met each other in San Antonio, Texas. What are the chances of the two of us being in Las Vegas, Nevada, using the same taxi on the same night? Nil to none? If I were a gambler, I would not bet on those odds.

It was such a pleasure to see Dave the next day when i picked up my wallet. Dave’s forte is PR and he is well known for his expertise in the business world, both on and off the internet. I had purchased Dave’s system in San Antonio. Dave Brown, another friend I made at the training that weekend, shot a video of the two of us at the Venetian noting the customer service Dave offers his clients. Finding my wallet for me is the ultimate in customer service, don’t you think? Too fun! I’ll be sure and post the video when i get the link from Dave.

Let me take just a moment to thank Dave again for being such a great person. He went the extra mile to try and find out my information so that I could get all my belongings back, including my ID that I needed to get home on the plane. He went above and beyond. That is the type of man he is. Dave, you are the BEST!

It is a small world after all ; )

I look forward to some comments and posts about your weekend and anything else you would like to post about. Thanks for sharing!

p.s. My roomie for the weekend, Carmen Evans-Reid, gave me some great advise. Always be sure to put a business card with your phone number in your wallet. That way if someone finds your wallet, they can get in touch with you. Thanks Carmen, great idea.

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